Tuesday, 15 April 2014

packers and movers in Dwarka - delhi

We use organic materials for packing of your household items so your items will be remain safe and secure from unnatural harm. 

Skilled work force in our team performs the task of Packing and Unpacking Services so effectively that customer remains tension free. Goods are handled carefully at the time of unpacking and are shifted to appropriate positions as per customer requirements. Further, a neat job of rearranging is done within the agreed time period. The work is executed excellently making the entire process hassle free and the customer can look forward to starting afresh. Packing is crucial to a good move, and we can advise you on the best ways to undertake the packing of items by yourself if required. Essence packers and movers normally recommend that you take advantage of our full packing service which we believe to be the best anywhere in the business. Essence packers and movers only use packing materials that have been developed specifically, together with specific cartons for hanging clothing, folded clothing, linen, glassware, books and wine. Packing is one part of your move that should not be neglected as it is fundamental to the safe transfer of your effects.
The rules of the packing are strictly followed for safe transfer.
  • All removal teams have been trained in our ‘in-house’ training school. Ensuring the correct method and amount of materials are used. Your possessions will be packed with the maximum of protection.
  • All materials used are manufactured from renewable or recycled materials - helping to protect the environment. All tissues are bleach and acid free, ensuring silver and other metals do not tarnish.
  • We practice on our furniture and china/glass - not on yours!

Materials in your home for packing


Materials in your home for packing

Having moved a million-billion times, there are only so many free newspapers you can swipe to pack your breakables in. Bubble wrap and materials can get extra pricey, especially if you move more than once every decade, so instead turn to your cupboards and cabinets. Here are 5 items you probably already own that can be put to use to cushion the blow! Here are a few of the things I've used in the past to keep my boxes from squishing and my breakables from losing an arm or a leg. Do you use something different? Share your ideas in the comments below!
1. Linens: The first and most obvious choice is to put your towels, sheets, and other linens to use. Don't forget about things like shower curtains as well. They're great at placing between kitchen goods or wrapping flat breakable items like picture frames. 

2. Clothes: Clothing boxes are ridiculously expensive. Although it's convenient to roll up to your new place and unpack things straight into your closet, clothing can save you big bucks in the packing material department. If you don't want to wash or iron everything, try using bulky items like sweaters or scarves to help stuff between breakables.
3. Pillows: From bed pillows to throw pillows and even your pet bed, pillows can be great at the top of the box to keep the pressure off the contents inside.
4. Zip Top Bags: Plastic bags are great at holding air, especially if they've been sealed with a line of tape in addition to their closure method. They're perfect for glassware and things that need pressure without any points that could press too hard on something fragile. Think about how Amazon ships things, you're just making your own inflatable pouch. Likewise, if you happen to have a vacuum sealer, those work amazing for this purpose.
5. Pantry Goods: Even if you're not keen on the idea of keeping your food mixed in with other things, bagged items like beans, rice and lentils can fill small nooks and crannies in boxes where items might otherwise shift. Plus, there's a good chance they won't be in your emergency food box anyway. Save the peanut butter for that box! If you're nervous, just put them in an extra bag. Oh, and don't forget, popped popcorn and peanuts in the shell work out brilliantly (plus you can still eat the peanut later while you procrastinate unpacking).